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Roger Miller

I'm going to tell you how it works in a moment...

"Rog, the Trinity Blueprint is like PenisAdvantage Version 3 only better! I LOVE the tracking and adjusting system, it'll help guys a lot, especially hard gainers. An Ultra-Advanced version for Increased gains in ultra quick time... I must say, you've done it again, I don't know how you do it!"

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From The Desk Of Roger Miller
10:33am Monday

Dear friend,

My name is Roger Miller.

In the year 2000 I began helping guys just like you, from all over the world, use special exercises to successfully gain new penis size both in length and girth. The subject of natural penis enlargement became a science that I lived and breathed. It was (and still is) my main focus, my profession…hell…even my obsession. In short, I find the idea of a guy being able to change the hand nature’s dealt him - by achieving a new, permanently bigger penis size – an AMAZING thing.

In my opinion it’s something no man should ignore – especially if he’s ever looked down and thought to himself: “Imagine how much cooler it would be if my penis was longer and thicker. Inches bigger.”

And that, no doubt, is why I continued to be a part of the world of natural penis enlargement, guiding guys down the right path, helping them every step of the way towards their individual size goals – regardless of whether they wanted 1 inch of new size, or 2 or 3. Or more. And I dare say that it’s also the reason you’re reading this message today…and why this revolutionary new system has been created.

I want to tell you about the possibilities of this new natural penis enlargement approach. And what it will do for you when you decide to use it. It’s something I’m massively proud of.

What Is The Trinity Blueprint?

The Trinity Blueprint is a brand new natural penis enlargement system. However, it’s not like any other that’s gone before it.

You see, The Trinity Blueprint combines a variety of new, revolutionary components that successfully take it way beyond the effectiveness and efficiency of any other N.P.E. guide in existence today – never mind the dozens of so-called “enlargement” methods such as pills, patches and pumps, which are – when you get down to the truth of the matter – glorified magic beans.

As you’re about to find out, if you didn’t know already, N.P.E. techniques WORK.

And what they can give you is AMAZING.

Fact #1: Natural Penis Enlargement Works

Natural penis enlargement techniques and exercises have been around for years and have been successfully used by thousands and thousands of men to add new size to their penises. You only have to surf around the members area of (the site I’ve coached men through for years) to see the plethora of guys swapping their size success stories.

The process involved in using N.P.E. exercises to enlarge your penis, unlike other methods, actually makes a definite difference to the physiology of your manhood and, as a result, brings about new growth in both length and girth. Think of N.P.E. exercises like lifting weights at a gym. Although your penis is not a muscle like your biceps or pecs, it can nevertheless be exercised and, through those special exercise workouts, be made permanently thicker and longer. And we’re not talking a few millimeters here. If you know what you’re doing, you could add INCHES.

Fact #2: You Need To Use The Best Information Available

Natural enlargement routines and exercises work because they truly target what you’re aiming for – increases in the length and girth of your penis size. However, that doesn’t mean to say that using the routines is a walk in the park or an easy thing any guy can do without even blinking an eye.

For example, let’s say you want to go from 6 inches in length to 8 inches. To achieve this, you have to do the right exercises, within the right routines, at the correct times in the week, for the most appropriate length of time.

Let’s now imagine that you gain half an inch but then your gains stop. You now need to change the exercises you perform, when you do them and for how long. But what should those changes consist of? There are an infinite number of options, but just a single one of them is correct.

In short, for a guy to go from his starting penis size to achieving his size goals (which can be anywhere up to 3 inches bigger than his starting size) he needs to do the right routines and the right exercises ALL THE TIME. He should never be wasting his time with the wrong exercise routine. It’s only by getting EVERY ASPECT of this amazing science right that a guy can truly achieve his maximum potential for penis size growth.

And that’s the reason I’ve created The Trinity Blueprint.

Before showing you exactly how this blueprint for enlargement success works and what it includes, I’d like to tell you how its contents were decided upon and how its aims and goals were established (and achieved).

The Trinity Blueprint Has Been Created Based On YOUR Needs 

After I decided that a modern advanced system was needed for guys looking to enlarge their penises naturally, I set about finding out exactly what they specifically want. You see, I believe that any system that’s designed to help a guy shouldn’t be based only on what its creators think he wants – they should instead go and FIND OUT straight from the source. Then the system should be designed so that it fulfils the desires of the user, meets his requirements and GIVES HIM WHAT HE WANTS – in this case, a bigger, thicker, longer penis. No other N.P.E. system has done this and that’s one of the main reasons The Trinity Blueprint works so much better than any other book or guide.


I selected 500 guys from my existing list of natural penis enlargement routine users. I made sure that the 500 men represented a wide age range and that they covered the whole spectrum of starting penis sizes – from very small to already pretty big. Each of these guys already had some experience using enlargement exercises and routines and their results from using them varied. This is exactly what I needed. Each guy was given a survey sheet that explained that I was about to create a new, revolutionary blueprint for achieving permanent penis size and was asked the following question:


I couldn’t have been happier with the responses I received. Not only did the 500 guys kindly give detailed and specific answers, they also provided a clear and undeniable picture of what most men who have tried using natural enlargement techniques want.

These are the things that I then based The Trinity Blueprint around.

Here’s just a small selection of some of the responses the guys gave.


You, the community of guys who consciously want to add new size to your penises, want three overall things from your use of natural penis enlargement techniques. They are:

You Want Faster Gains

You understandably want to achieve your new penis size as quickly as you can without ever wasting your time doing the wrong things. This is not a desire to cut corners, though. You simply want your gains to come about as smoothly and as soon as possible.

You Want Bigger Gains

You want to gain as much as you can and never have to settle for second best. If your goal is to be 8.5 inches long and 6 inches around, that’s the size you’d like to achieve. Looking at the responses from the 500 men I surveyed, bigger gains was one of the most frequently requested changes. And so it should be! Why gain only an inch and be forced to give up when you can instead maximize your potential for growth and add more, permanent size?

You Want Easier Gains

You want your gains to come as easily as possible, without having to expend any unnecessary effort. You want to do only what’s needed to achieve your goals. For example, imagine going to the gym and lifting double the weight needed to achieve what you could from just lifting half of it. Or running 10 miles a day on a treadmill just to reach a level of fitness that’s possible from running 5. You just wouldn’t do it – it’d make no sense.

So, you quite rightly shouldn’t want to do it where natural penis enlargement is concerned.

What Makes The Trinity Blueprint So Effective At Producing Massive Size Gains Quickly and Easily?

The Trinity Blueprint uses a variety of tools to create an overall enlargement system that maximizes every guy’s growth potential who uses it.

What this means is that if you use The Trinity Blueprint, you are always doing exactly what’s needed to gain as much new penis size as you conceivably can, in the shortest amount of time possible.

No other enlargement guide does this. They instead take a blanket approach and tell each guy to use the same exercises, the same routines, for the same lengths of time. But this isn’t how N.P.E works. Every guy is different. Therefore every guy needs a tailor made approach to using natural penis enlargement routines. The Trinity Blueprint provides you with your own individual approach through its use of three special components. They are:

Expertly Designed Routines


The Trinity Blueprint contains multiple routines that are all different to one another. Each one has been designed and structured based on years of my personal experience both in using natural penis enlargement exercises and helping other men to use them too.

Every exercise, repetition and erection percentage has been carefully researched and chosen to create perfect exercise routines, that target just the right kind of new size growth - be it in length, girth or both.

A Revolutionary ‘Routine Selection System’

Routine Selection System

If you used natural enlargement exercise routines in the past you had to simply hope that you were using the right one at the right time. But now that’s a thing of the past. The Trinity Blueprint uses a special ‘routine selection system’ that analyzes your personal progress and regularly tells you which routine you should be doing to target the most growth possible for your body and individual situation.

Before the ‘routine selection system’ existed guys might gain half an inch in length and then cease seeing any further growth. So, they’d change their routine to a different one in the hope of continuing their gains.

But, for some reason, nothing happened.

No matter how hard they tried and no matter how many routines they switched between, they simply couldn’t seem to kick-start their gains.

The ‘routine selection system’ solves this problem by intelligently selecting the perfect routine for you as you’re using N.P.E. exercises and gaining from them. This means that if your gains begin to slow down, the ‘routine selection system’ will simply tell you what you should change to start the growth again.

It Really Is Like Having An N.P.E. Expert Catering Just For You – Helping And Advising You Every Step Of The Way Towards Your Personal Size Targets!

A Unique Tracking System

Tracking System

The entire purpose of using natural penis enlargement exercises and routines is to gain new and permanent penis size.

Naturally, that means knowing how much you’re gaining and from which exercises and routines is pretty important. In fact, it’s essential.

If You Don’t Know Exactly How Much Progress You’re Making And Success You’re Having At Gaining New Size, You Severely Limit Your Chances Of Reaching Your Personal Size Goals, No Matter What They Are!

The Trinity Blueprint uses a completely unique tracking system that does the following:

  • It allows you to record each and every workout you complete, regardless of which routine you happen to be using (which is dependant on what the ‘routine selection system’ decides is the best routine for you personally to use).
  • It lets you record your size stats every 2 weeks which – when analyzed alongside the workouts you’ve recorded – tells you exactly how much success you’re having and at what rate. This gives you the unique and valuable ability to avoid wasting your time doing routines that aren’t going to bring about massive new penis size. Instead, you simply use the ‘routine selection system’ to identify what you should do instead to achieve your size targets.
  • The tracking system lets you know when you should use the ‘routine selection system’ to determine if you’re using the best workout routine possible. You never have to worry about forgetting to do something important.
    The tracking system takes care of everything for you, making the whole process of using special exercise routines to enlarge your penis stress-free, easy and EFFECTIVE.


The Trinity Blueprint is an ADVANCED SYSTEM that uses expert exercises and routines to add real size to your penis length and girth. Its power and effectiveness lie in how it utilizes its various components (the routine selection system, the routines themselves and the trinity tracking system to name just a few).

However, it’s recommended that you use natural enlargement routines for a while before you begin The Trinity Blueprint.

If you’ve already done some N.P.E. workouts – regardless of whether you saw gains or not – you should be ready to use The Trinity Blueprint. Read on...

Here’s what The Trinity Blueprint - as the most advanced, innovative, effective and EASY to use penis enlargement system available can do for you:

tickGives you inches of penis growth even if you’ve tried using N.P.E. routines in the past and failed to make any gains

How it does this:  By combining brand new, expertly designed exercise routines with a selection system that intelligently tells you which is the perfect routine for you to personally use to gain inches of new penis size.

tickGives you special dietary information that massively increases your ability to gain penis length and girth

How it does this:  Each routine included in The Trinity Blueprint is accompanied by an exclusively designed nutritional shake or smoothie that contains ingredients that improve your body’s ability to positively react to the routines you perform – thereby boosting your gains. Each smoothie/shake is 100% natural and can be made from ingredients that are all available from your local supermarket.

tickTakes out all of the stress and hassle from regularly using enlargement routines

How it does this: With any other system or natural enlargement approach, you need to remember the routine you have to perform, keep track of when you do it, remember how much you’ve gained or not gained, know when to switch routines or change the exercises you perform…the list of annoying tasks goes on. The Trinity Blueprint takes away all of these problems and does the work for you. It’s like having someone right by your side keeping together the important info and stats while you simply go through the simple motions of doing the exercise routines and, as a result, enjoy the gains that naturally come.

tickEducates you on every aspect of gaining penis size the natural way

How it does this: The Trinity Blueprint not only contains all of the exercises and routine information you need to grow new penis size, it also covers every important secondary side of N.P.E. In the ‘Peripheral Aspects of N.P.E.’ chapter, you are taught about how your diet, fitness, mental attitude and motivation all factor into the success you have at enlarging your penis. You are educated so much on the entire subject that by the time you’ve completed using The Trinity Blueprint, you will not only have a penis size that is inches bigger than when you began, you will also have a level of knowledge and experience on the subject that’s so in-depth that you can safely call yourself an expert.


tickTeaches you exactly how to stop performing enlargement routines without losing the new size you’ve acquired by using them

How it does this: This is a VITAL aspect of N.P.E. and one you must know about if you’re going to use routines to enlarge your penis. The Trinity Blueprint tells you exactly how to stop doing routines in the RIGHT WAY, so you don’t run the risk of losing any of the valuable length and girth you’ve gained.

The Trinity Blueprint has been used by a group of men as part of a trial run before its release. The results are as follows. Half the group (subjects 1-5) used The Trinity Blueprint and the other half (subjects 6-10) used their own advanced exercise routines.

Guys who used The Trinity Blueprint


Guys who didn’t use The Trinity Blueprint


Average time taken to gain at least half an inch in length and girth with The Trinity Blueprint: 17 Days!

Average time taken to gain at least half an inch in length and girth without The Trinity Blueprint: 40 Days

Now imagine the how big the difference could be if your goal is to gain, say, 2.5 inches in erect length. Without a system like The Trinity Blueprint, it could take forever, simply because your gains would probably completely stop due to your penis being worked out for longer than it ever needed to be.

If you’re serious about the idea of adding inches of new length and girth to the current size of your flaccid and erect penis, then you should use the enlargement system that’s most serious about giving it to you: The Trinity Blueprint.

I tried to think of any potential questions you might have and have answered them here

How do I receive the Trinity Blueprint, is it a download or will it be sent to me?

It's 100% downloadable in PDF format (your computer WILL read this format)

How long will it take between ordering and receiving the Trinity Blueprint?

Instant access. The moment you purchase, you'll get access to download the Trinity Blueprint and can start today.

Is my purchase safe, secure and private and what will my credit card bill say?

Yes, we use Clickbank which is totally secure and your card will be charged by "" so nobody will know you purchased. We never send anything to your home.

Is it a one time charge or will it bill monthly?

You will only be billed once. It is a one-off fee.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, 100% no questions-asked, no-risk to you 8 week guarantee. You don't see results? You don't pay!

Will this work for me, I've tried natural exercises before and gained lots/not gained anything?

Yes, if you didn't grow before this is just what you need because it works differently to every other system out there. Again, if you have had massive success before, this is what you need to get you beyond the plateua and gain more.

How much will I gain using the Trinity Blueprint?

I can't promise any kind of gains (although it is the most powerful system of its kind), all I can say is that, if you're not happy with your progress, I want you to request a refund by emailing me at It's structured so you HAVE to gain, follow it closely and you will.

How To Get Started With The Trinity Blueprint

Unfortunately, if you are NOT an existing member of, then you will have to wait until we go into full release to receive access to The Trinity Blueprint.

It will be priced at $199.99 when it goes on mainstream release to the public. 

However, if you ARE a member of, then you are eligible to receive access to The Trinity Blueprint immediately and at a highly reduced price. Read on…

Roger’s ‘thank you’ offer to all members:

I have set aside 500 "pre-launch" copies of The Trinity Blueprint at a massively reduced price of just $147. Only 500 copies will be sold at this price until we stop taking orders in preparation for full release later in the year. Once these copies of The Trinity Blueprint have gone to members of, the offer will cease to be available until full launch at any price.

To The First 500 Pre-Launch Customers The Price Is Just $147

Update: 146 copies left

Update: 42 copies left

Update: 9 copies left
Last Update Until Sales Are Closed

At this unbeatable price before the pre-launch is closed and the Trinity Blueprint will no longer be available until full release at full price!

I will NOT be updating this count again until all of the copies are gone. It may be at some time today!


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the guys who helped make The Trinity Blueprint the highly effective enlargement system it is today
(grab your copy fast – they’re going to go quickly!)

Your N.P.E. guru and mentor,

Roger Miller

P.S. If you follow my Trinity Blueprint with its exclusive Trinity Tracking And Adjustment System and you don't achieve your size goals within a time-frame YOU consider reasonable, you'll get a 100% REFUND of every cent you paid. With my NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, NO RISK TO YOU, NO FUSS AND NO FUNNY business 8-week guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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